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Urgent Care providers across the nation are using the QuickCheck app by OccDocOne to improve year-round business with Occupational Medicine and the treatment of workplace injuries.

Work Injury Treatment Guidelines Help You Practice Occ Med Within Work Comp Guidelines

When providing treatment for work-related injuries at your Urgent Care clinic, mistakes can happen in an instant, mistakes that may cause your corporate clients to never return.

Why is this? Because often, the complex nuances of occupational medicine are not taught during medical training. Having quick access to highly detailed work-related injury treatment guidelines makes providing proficient care that much easier. That’s where OccDocOne can help.

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Quick Access to Work Injury Treatment Guidelines

OccDocOne includes over 300 guidelines and 400 videos that cover important aspects of work injury treatment, from the initial visit all the way to the follow-ups and communications with employers.

Your providers can quickly access the guidelines through a phone app or computer, and the info they need is laid out in a cookbook fashion, providing clear instructions on each step of treatment while complying with corporate regulations.

Some of the features available include:

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