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Manage & Treat OSHA Recordables Properly

OSHA recordables, required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, are an important part of practicing occupational medicine at your Urgent Care clinic. It is vital that work injury treatment, recording, and follow-ups are high-quality, correct, and consistent. 

Expanding your focus on OSHA recordables and providing proficient treatment by utilizing OccDocOne’s Occ Med guidelines can help your medical providers to understand the nuances of work injury treatment that corporate companies consider highly important.

Properly preparing OSHA recordables will keep your corporate clients happy as well as give your practice a great reputation to help you earn even more industrial employer clients. This increase in corporate work injury clientele will be highly beneficial to your urgent care’s year-round patient volume.

Dr John Koehler using OccDocOne to avoid OSHA recordability issues

What is an OSHA Recordable?

An OSHA recordable refers to certain types of work-related injuries that OSHA requires employers to maintain records of if they have over 10 employees.

The record of certain work-related illnesses and injuries can then be used to benefit OSHA, the employer, and the employee. An OSHA recordable may be used in the evaluation of workplace safety, to better understand hazards within an industry, and in the implementation of worker protection measures.

What Makes an Injury OSHA Recordable?

OSHA defines the following as recordable illness or injury:

  • Any fatality that is work-related
  • Any work-related injury or illness that results in restricted work, days away from work, transfer to another job, or loss of consciousness
  • Any work-related illness or injury that requires medical treatment beyond first aid treatment
  • Any work-related diagnosed case of cancer, cracked or fractured bones or teeth, chronic irreversible diseases, and punctured eardrums

OSHA also requires special recording criteria for work-related cases involving: hearing loss;  medical removal; tuberculosis; and needlesticks and sharps injuries.

We have used Dr. Koehler’s guidelines for treating work injuries have been able to standardize care and improve customer satisfaction. Much appreciated!
Dennis Taylor – Vice President, Occupational Medicine Premier Health

OSHA Recordability Issues

If OSHA recordables are handled incorrectly, this can cause unnecessary headache, time, and costs for your employer clients. The major hot button issues employers care about with OSHA recordables include:

  • Avoiding unnecessary OSHA recordables
  • Avoiding unnecessary lost time
  • Providing job-specific work restrictions
  • Issues relating to timing or prices
  • Spending too much on therapy
  • Ordering MRIs too soon or too late

Avoid OSHA Recordability Issues with OccDocOne

Urgent Care provider using OccDocOne for OSHA recordable treatment

The OccDoccOne platform is a one-stop solution to help your staff avoid OSHA recordability issues. Our tool includes over 300 medical diagnosis guidelines and over 400 videos to clearly explain the nuances of occupational medicine. With it, your providers will have easy access to everything they need to properly document and treat OSHA recordables in a way that satisfies the employer.

Our Occ Med Guidelines Include Information On:

  • Physical exam instructions
  • Visit-by-visit steps 
  • The plan of treatment
  • Medications
  • Proper work restrictions
  • When to do re-checks and how to set re-checks
  • How to close off the case and release the patient
  • How to interpret MRI scans and when to order them

It’s a scalable platform ready to be used by any of your providers. They can access it easily with an internet connection via the QuickCheck Occupational Medicine Guidelines app that functions on desktop or laptop. 

When your clinic is ready to meet the expectations of companies for OSHA recordables by providing excellent treatment that’s consistent across your clinics, OccDocOne is the comprehensive Occupational Medicine guideline to assist you. 

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