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OccDocOne is your one-stop-shop for scalable resources on the treatment of workman’s compensation injuries.

Whether you are a medical provider seeking to enhance your skills, an urgent care clinic that wishes to start occupational medicine or an organization that wishes to scale across a large network, we can help you.  The road to proficiency in the practice of occupational medicine has never been easier!

The QuickCheck tool allows our subscribing providers to search by diagnosis, chief complaint, or body part for incredibly easy to access guidelines on how to properly evaluate and treat work comp injuries.  This can instantly upgrade any medical provider’s assessment and skillset on work comp injuries.

About The Guidelines

As you know, treating work comp injuries requires a “different brain” and is not formally trained in most medical training settings. The QuickCheck guidelines provide guidance on key history, key exam, and key assessment features on hundreds of different work injury diagnoses. Guidelines extend into recheck visits, diagnostics, specialist consultation, and ER transfer providing the full gamut of what a provider would need to practice at a highly proficient level.

Corporate Use

For employers that care about OSHA recordable injuries, QuickCheck can be used by their chosen work comp provider clinics in order to assist them as they make decisions about OSHA recordable and non-OSHA recordable treatment options.

Meet Dr. John Koehler

Dr. Koehler pioneered the hybrid Urgent Care / Occupational Medicine clinic model in 1987 when he founded Physicians Immediate Care which has now grown to 43 clinics across Illinois and Indiana.

His formal training is in Emergency Medicine and Occupational Medicine, and he maintains board certification in the latter.

Because of his extensive experience, having treated or proctored approximately 500,000 cases over 31 years of full-time practice, he is uniquely qualified to create scalable tools that can support the practice of occupational medicine.

In addition, Dr. Koehler serves as medical advisor to multiple Fortune 500 companies as they seek to identify provider clinics around the country that practice quality occupational medicine and avoid unnecessary OSHA recordable injuries.

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