Understanding the Nuances of Occupational Medicine

Understanding the Nuances of Occupational Medicine Can Help Your Providers Perform Better and Grow Your Occupational Medicine Practice

If you’re ready to expand your urgent care practice, use the new OccDocOne platform to give your providers easy access to occupational medicine treatment guidelines. Developed by John Koehler MD, ABPM (OM), Board Certified in Occupational Medicine, Editor-in-Chief of OccDocOne, and with over 30 years of practice behind our knowledge, OccDocOne help’s your provider’s practice at the level needed to grow your client base.

Our QuickCheck tool has over 300 guidelines and 400 videos available at their fingertips for reference while seeing patients.

Nuances to Treating Work Related Injuries

Employers have certain expectations for how they want their workers to be treated when an injury arises. These nuances and practices are not taught during medical or nurse practitioner training or in PA school. Instead, these are usually skills that need to be developed and learned over time. This is where OccDocOne can help.

There are many nuances to treating work-related injuries that most providers may not be aware of. OccDocOne highlights each and every nuance in our visit by visit guidelines. Your providers can “stay out of trouble” while providing great care for their patients. Far too many good Occ Med clients have been lost because of a medical provider’s lack of an understanding of the nuances of Occupational Medicine.

Be Proficient with Occupational Medicine & Expand

Occupational Medicine patients come year-round, helping to mitigate the seasonality of flu season. If you want your volume to be consistent year-round, you should consider growing the Occupational Medicine practice at your Urgent Care. Occ Med client’s come with all of their pre-employment testing done and these services are paid at 100%.  

That’s why OccDocOne guidelines are so useful. They offer practical training references for your clinic’s providers, enabling them to provide the proper treatment for occupational incidents. When that happens, your patients and their employers will be happier all around and will likely return to you when excellent work is needed again in the future.   

The Nuances of Occupational Medicine Made Simple 

Getting to the guidelines is easy. You can access the QuickCheck app on your desktop or laptop to view information and guidelines on occupational medicine. Seasoned professionals and novice providers will benefit as these guidelines provide all the info you need in an easy to use visit by visit cookbook fashion that lays out a roadmap to treatment. 

You can conveniently search keywords to pull up the applicable guideline. There you can see details on key history, assessments, studies, and plans and treatments plus any relevant worker’s compensation nuances.  Easy to follow instructions give you a course of action for visit 1, visit 2, visit 3 and so forth, helping to ensure that crucial and proper measures are taken at each juncture.  Then the attached videos add rich additional educational content for the provider. 

It’s no doubt your team will benefit from being knowledgeable on many elements of work-related injury treatment, such as:

Learn More About the Nuances of Occupational Medicine

Schedule a demo with Dr. Koehler to help your urgent care team become and stay proficient in occupational medicine. OccDocOne houses all you need to take your team’s skills to the next level.