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Easy Access to Comprehensive Occupational Medicine Guidelines

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Over 300 Easy to Use Work Injury Treatment Guidelines

The QuickCheck app is being used by Urgent Care providers across the nation who want to improve year-round business through Occupational Medicine.

This innovative tool allows medical practitioners of all levels to quickly access guidelines for specific Occupational Medicine treatments while complying with corporate regulations.

What is Included in QuickCheck?

Many Work Injuries You Will See are Instantly Available within QuickCheck

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OccDocOne QuickCheck Guidelines

How to Use QuickCheck

Simply query a keyword such as “lumbar” or “shoulder” and instantly access the guideline with key history, exam, studies, assessment, and plan of care in a concise, easy to use format.

It’s as easy as that to access detailed and informative guidelines with videos that walk you through everything you need to know about the Occupational Medicine treatment and workers comp regulations involved.

OccDocOne Corneal Abrasion guideline

Keep Your Patients Healthy and Their Employers Happy

Grow and Maintain your Employer Client Base

With over 30 years of practice, John Koehler MD, ABPM(OM) has grown a successful hybrid Urgent Care/ Occ Med practice by merging strong clinical skills with the nuances of work injury management that satisfy corporate clients.

Employer hot buttons such as lost time, OSHA recordables, intuitive work restrictions, injury validation, and much more are addressed in each guideline!

With QuickCheck, your providers will have the support they need to increase their proficiency in Occ Med almost overnight.  To learn more about this one-of-a-kind tool that can help you be successful in Occ Med schedule a demo with Dr. Koehler today!

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