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Can any clinic use OccDocOne ?

Yes, any clinic that wishes to increase their proficiency in the practice of occupational medicine and the treatment of work-related injuries can use OccDocOne and find great benefit for their practice

No, you can be any type of provider or practice that wishes to be more proficient in the treatment and care of work-related injuries

Yes there are over 400 videos in the Guidelines and the Video Library that add additional support and background.

Yes, OccDocOne also includes supplementary supporting information such as videos, references, and additional support content. OccDocOne is meant to be an easy access tool, it purposely does not contain extended descriptions or extended explanations. That is also included as supplementary information, which can be accessed if desired by the provider.

OccDocOne is specifically designed to get your providers immediately to the level of near expert proficiency. The many other operational aspects of Occupational Medicine would also need to be added. But I can tell you that the most difficult aspect of Occupational Medicine is provider proficiency. Beyond that, you would need to have your clinical staff certified to perform DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing. In addition you will need to perform audiograms and spirometry, respirator, silica, asbestos, hazmat and firefighter exams as well as dedicated staff to process the paper work back to the company. OccDocOne enables you to provide a tool that can instantly and efficiency increase the proficiency of your providers in occupational medicine, which enables you to avoid losing your occupational medicine clients due to a lack of provider proficiency. In fact, the most important single ingredient to any occupational medicine program is the proficiency of the providers in occupational medicine. OccDocOne solves that problem by providing guidelines that, if followed, will satisfy your occupational medicine clients and, in fact, create positive word of mouth in the industrial and employer community about your services.

Medical providers are the most important single ingredient to growing an occupational medicine practice. If your providers are not proficient in occupational medicine, you will lose clients as fast as you gain them. OccDocOne can enable your providers to reach a level of occupational medicine proficiency in short order, enabling you to retain your existing clients, develop positive word of mouth in the employer community, and support your marketing efforts going forward.

OccDocOne can help your clinic be more profitable by enabling you to add or grow your occupational medicine practice. Providers can be instantly more proficient in occupational medicine which will support the quality of care provided, increase the satisfaction of the patients and the employers, leading to positive word of mouth in the employer community. Furthermore, it will help you in your marketing efforts by allowing you to say that all of your providers are using the same set of occupational medicine guidelines created by an expert who is board-certified in occupational medicine. Occupational medicine can easily add additional visits to your clinic, helping you to reach or enhance your profitability. Most clinics need approximately 25-30 patients per day for profitability. If occupational medicine adds an incremental 5-10 clinic visits per day to your practice it will be a game changer for your financial metrics. Furthermore, quality occupational medicine enables you to access additional sources of income such as X-rays, durable medical equipment, procedures, and prepackaged pharmaceuticals, all of which further enhance your revenue and lead to greater patient satisfaction. Employers love a one stop shop.

OccDocOne can serve as a scalable training tool for all Corporate site nurses, safety professionals, and claim adjusters.  QuickCheck and the Video library contain a tremendous amount of usable information on most every topic relevant to managing workplace injuries.
For example, by querying “Core” in the video library you can access the 42 videos that are core to the understanding and effective practice of occupational medicine and work injury claim management.  

Being web based it can be accessed by anyone anytime with an internet connection.

There is no other tool available, that we know of, that provides this level of detailed, visit by visit guidance on how to treat and manage a work related injury.  

Anyone that in is involved in work comp injury treatment or case management.

The practice of Occupational Medicine is much different than general primary care practice. Many providers are outstanding in primary care medicine; however, proficiency and quality in primary care medicine does not confer competence in occupational medicine. Issues relating to procedures, work restrictions, OSHA recordability guidelines, and return to duty restrictions are unique to occupational medicine. These factors and features are included in the guidelines, which are designed specifically for occupational medicine

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