Adapt to the Most Significant Trend in Occupational Medicine

Give Your Team the Tools for Success in Occupational Medicine

There are many trends in occupational medicine these days which are changing the landscape of the profession and creating big challenges for providers. It’s vital that you stay on top of them so you can properly adapt and optimally meet the right standards to retain and generate productive patient relationships.

For now, we’d like to specifically focus on the most significant trend in today’s world and how that influences care and practice success.

Trends in Occupational Medicine

The most significant trend in occupational medicine is the use of advanced practice providers, APPs, in clinics across the entire country to treat work related injuries and conditions. While advanced practice providers are highly skilled and proficient in many ways there’s an important caveat here. 

Many such professionals do not have ample experience in all the incredibly important nuances regarding occupational injury. This can lead to big problems because expectations for worker treatment can be very particular and strict on the employers’ end. Failure to adhere can spell trouble for your providers and may cost you clients. This is a highly important issue to illustrate since the vast majority of work injuries are now treated by advanced practice providers.

And the lack of experience is certainly not their fault, since many training programs and medical schools do not address such crucial aspects in a comprehensive way. APPs may be inexperienced in many nuances in the following areas:

So what’s a great way to fill this training gap in an efficient and effective way? A handy and accurate knowledge base can make quite an impactful difference. 

Occupational Trends & Nuances Addressed by an Easy-to-Use Tool

The OccDocOne platform is a convenient tool that helps your providers to give treatment according to the proper standards. With over 30 years of practice experience, John Koehler MD, ABPM (OM), Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and Editor-in-Chief OccDocOne, developed this tool which features over 300 guidelines plus 400 easy-to-follow videos that give your providers fast access to the correct path as they treat patients.  

Keyword search capabilities make it even easier to access the right info. Once a guideline is opened, you’ll benefit from important points on: 

It includes an easily-accessible QuickCheck app that can be opened via laptop or desktop to quickly access the guidelines you need. Content is presented in a logical, clear, and simple style and visit-by-visit guidelines make it easy for your team to hit all required checkmarks from beginning to end. 

If you’re seeking a viable answer to the problems associated with lack of training in occupational medicine, OccDocOne truly is a comprehensive solution that helps your practice supply quality care while keeping all involved parties happy.  

The OccDocOne platform supplies all the guidance your APPs need for successful treatment and documentation.

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