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How Urgent Care Providers Can Use OccDocOne

Adding an occupational medicine guidelines tool to your urgent care can create treatment consistency and improve the quality of occ med care. OccDocOne, a scalable platform with rich content for the treatment and management of work-related injuries gives providers of all levels the necessary clinical knowledge as well as the nuances of care plans that are needed to satisfy employer clients.

Building an Occ Med client base will enhance your daily volume and mitigate the seasonal drop-off inpatient volumes outside of flu season.

A Useful Tool for Providers at Any Level

How It Benefits New Occ Med Professionals

Because Occupational Medicine is not taught in traditional medical training, those who are new to the field may have lots of skills ready to use, but may also lack an understanding of day-to-day occ med practices. John Koehler MD, ABPM(OM), Editor-in-Chief of OccDocOne, equips your providers with everything they need to know to be proficient in both inpatient care and to satisfy the expectations of employer clients.  

OccDocOne’s wealth of detailed content, with over 300 unique work injury guidelines, 400 embedded videos, and 200 radiology images and photos provides everything needed for your providers to function at a high level in occupational medicine.

How It Benefits Seasoned Professionals

Even veteran providers, while clinically skilled, may lack understanding of the unique needs and expectations of employers.  OccDocOne fills those gaps with video training content as well as addressing those issues in every guideline. Following OccDocOne will keep any provider “out of trouble” with the employer. 

Having quick access to a one stop shop like OccDocOne will let your seasoned team members brush up on their occ med skills and have their treatment and documentation questions answered in a flash, allowing them to remain high level in their work.

OccDocOne: What is Included

OccDocOne comes with 310 unique detailed visit-by-visit guidelines, 400 videos, 200 radiology images, all focused on facilitating the clinical practice of occupational medicine.

Everything needed for excellence in Occ Med is there! 

CME credit can also be accrued by providers using the site at a reference in day-to-day patient care. Enhancing or adding occupational medicine to your urgent care has never been easier!

Your urgent care team can have instant access to the site via the mobile app or computer. An easy to use keyword or category search can deliver the applicable guideline instantly. 

The QuickCheck® guidelines cover key issues important to employers:

  • OSHA Recordability
  • Lost time control 
  • How to set work restrictions
  • Injury validation / Causation Analysis
  • Follow up planning 
  • Proper use of PT / MRI / specialists 
  • Communication with employers
  • And much more! 

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