Most Common Inappropriate Referrals

Can Occ Med be profitable?

Having talked to many groups all over the country I have found there is a pattern developing in three categories:

  1. Fractures 
  2. Fingertip Injuries 
  3. Eye Injuries 

Less experienced providers refer these routinely. That is not what patients want or need. They want us to treat them, not triage them to specialists. How many times does this have to happen before they just decide to do “direct” to the local Ortho Urgent Care?

Why should patients have to pay twice? They want you to treat them, that is why they came in. It is imperative that medical leadership at clinics all over the country come alongside their providers to train and assist them to treat these cases. Looking the other way and just letting these cases go out the door will come back to hurt us in the long run.

How many referrals does it take for a family to realize they are better off going to “Ortho Direct” or “Ortho First” (real names) urgent care instead of your urgent care?

Why refer a cornea foreign body or a tuft fracture? This referral pattern, if continued, will very effectively train your communities to skip you next time and they won’t call you to let you know.

How will we get them back once this happens? It’s much easier to keep what you have than get it back. 

OccDocOne is a game changing tool for training providers to treat injuries like these. Over 300 Diagnosis specific guidelines to choose from! Each one provides visit-by-visit guidance to access at the time of service.

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