Can Adding Occ Med to Your Urgent Care Be Profitable?

Occupational Medicine (Occ Med) focuses on the treatment of work-related injuries, medical clearance exams, and drug/alcohol testing.  Urgent Care centers are becoming known as convenient venues for these services because most everything necessary is already there so it’s not that hard to treat patients in an efficient and practical way.

Adding an incremental 5-10 patient visits per day through providing Occ Med treatment can be a huge boost to your bottom line. 

If you’re considering adding or enhancing Occ Med at your Urgent Care center, we’re going to take a look at how you can make it profitable as well as introduce you to a tool that can make Occupational Medicine treatment easier and more efficient. 

Balanced Urgent Care Profit Year Round

Urgent Care without other lines of service is too dependent on “flu season” for profitability.  Occ Med provides patient volume year round which can mean profits year round, not just during flu season. Adding this service to your facility helps to set it apart from the rest and bring in more patients.

Furthermore, treating work injuries generates more revenue than the average urgent care visit because most cases include X-rays, procedures, and recheck visits. In addition, drug and alcohol testing that does not require a medical provider can be very profitable with ancillary staff providing the care.

For you to be successful, your providers will also need to be aware of the nuances of care that employers need and expect from their treating clinic.  Mastering the nuances of OSHA recordables, lost time, and intuitive work restrictions are necessary for your providers to be effective and you to retain employer loyalty. 

Treatment for Complex Workers’ Comp Visits

Although the doctors at your center may have basic knowledge of a variety of injuries, they may need more information about return to work criteria, scheduling recheck visits, and how to close a work comp case.

OccDocOne is an online platform that contains everything your providers will need to be effective in every aspect of treating work related injuries.  With over 300 diagnosis/keyword-specific visit by visit guidelines, 400 videos, and 200 radiology teaching images, your providers can efficiently learn as they treat patients using this platform as a reference on every work comp visit they see.  

The information is easy to understand and access. Doctors can minimize the site on their desktop while seeing patients and bring it up when needed. It allows Urgent Care clinics to upgrade their Occ Med program overnight. 

Learn More About How Occ Med Can Be Profitable

If you want to learn more about OccDocOne and how it can increase the Occ Med profit at your urgent care center, contact us today to schedule a free demo. The free web demo will show you step-by-step how the tool works and how the doctors at your urgent care can benefit from using it. 

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