Ortho Urgent Cares

There are 47 ortho urgent cares in Chicago alone, all advertising work comp. Why are they not recognized as a competitive threat?

A group recently told me that ortho urgent cares opened nearby their last two clinic startups and then asked for their referrals! Why are we feeding our competition?

What are we thinking? We focus on the local UC competition and pay little or no attention to ortho urgent cares that are taking our most lucrative cases?

When they receive your referrals do you think they tell your patient about their Ortho Urgent Care? And suggest they skip you next time?

First off, I would suggest never referring to any ortho group that has their own urgent care!

Second, come alongside your providers and train them to do injury care. In particular, eye injuries, simple fractures, and fingertip injuries.

Review charts and find out what is being referred and to whom. Don’t miss this, your profitability depends on it.

OccDocOne is a game changing tool to help your providers become more proficient in injury care almost overnight!

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