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Radiology Tutorial Images from OccDocOne

OccDocOne has over 150 radiology tutorial images in our QuickCheck for Occ Med tool that help providers learn and be more comfortable managing non-surgical fracture cases.

Urgent Care centers should treat non-displaced fractures rather than referring them to other providers. All too often when such cases are referred to orthopedic offices they are seen by their PA’s and APN’s anyway! Some are even at the competing Orthopedic Urgent Care clinic. Before long, your patients will go there and not to you anymore for routine musculoskeletal injuries.

Urgent Care provider using OccDocOne for OSHA recordable treatment

What Else is Included with OccDocOne?

OccDocOne provides everything your providers need to keep these cases in-house instead of referring them to competing Orthopedic Urgent Care clinics.  

  • 310 Guidelines  (visit by visit guidance) 
  • 400 Videos 
  • 150 Radiology Tutorial Images 

Your providers can use this platform to guide them during patient care on a visit by visit basis.  Almost overnight you can start treating these patients. The patients came to you, why not treat them!

Types of Radiology Teaching Images Included

OccDocOne has a library of radiology images at your fingertips at your Urgent Care center. Simply go to the radiology library and you will find over a dozen different X-rays of different bones. These include:

  • Distal radius/ulna
  • Distal fibula
  • Metatarsals
  • Metacarpals
  • Radial head
  • Much, much more!

Each image clearly shows the injury point so that the Urgent Care doctor can make a precise diagnosis. Many of the X-rays have different views to give the doctor all of the information he needs to determine the type of injury and proceed with treatment. 

How to Use Our Radiology Tutorials

Our radiology tutorials run the gamut of injuries and cover the entire body. The radiology library is easy for Urgent Care doctors to use. It’s as easy as typing in the area of the body that’s being examined. There are multiple views so that you can compare your patient’s X-ray with the one in the library. You’ll be able to tell what a stable view looks like compared to one that may be broken or fractured.

When you click on each X-ray description, you’ll see a short description of the injury including the next steps for treatment. Depending on the injury, a doctor may be instructed to follow the guidelines for the injury or in some cases, refer the patient to an orthopedic doctor. Whatever the case, the explanations are clear to understand and easy to follow.

Why Use OccDocOne for Radiology Tutorials?

Having the OccDocOne tool at your fingertips gives everyone peace of mind that the injury is being diagnosed correctly and that the proper treatment protocols will be followed. Since the library is so comprehensive, doctors can literally find every injury that a patient may present. 

Once the patient knows the diagnosis and treatment plan, they can return to your office for follow-up appointments. Having a database of radiology images is useful for doctors who may not have experience with certain types of injuries. The OccDocOne database clears up any questions and makes diagnosis’ much easier.

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